Wednesday, November 15, 2006

right figured out how to reply on the site

if you live in east leeds and want to arrange a ride out (trying to cobble together some kind of regular bunch if poss) click on the first topic underneath where it says comment. then type a comment and click anonymous posting and hey presto its done. many thanks and with any luck this may just work. thanks mick.


Anonymous said...


I don`t know if you have done any riding in roundhay but there is a simple loop which you can extend to as far as eccup and harewood or keep it short and sweet. if you want to arrange a meet up on any weekend please mail me

ill try and highlight the relevant os map scan an mail it too you.

Anonymous said...


As per my STW mail, I live in Kippax and use local trails in and around Temple Newsham area predominantley. I also use the Harewood / north Leeds routes pretty often.

I currently work in York and we have a 1 year old daughter, so getting back into a regular riding routine is proving tricky!

I'd definately be up for getting together for some local rides, either in the week or weekends. Me and a couple of mates have been doing a Wed night ride from Kippax round to Temple Newsham, back via Methley for the past month or so.

Will keep looking in to see if we can organise something.

Well done firestarter for setting this up!

Ash (STW: Alini_456)

Anonymous said...

Live in Roundhay and have used most of the routes in the other posts.Due to crap sense of direction get lost quite often as well! Always ready to impose my slow and technically awful riding style on anyone who'll let me tag along!Available for ridicule most evenings and weekends!

See BM - Greenville - etc etc